100% off : Selenium WebDriver – Jumpstart your QA Career Coupon

Selenium WebDriver – Jumpstart your QA Career Course will help you to learn how to work with the most popular Web Testing Tool.

Selenium WebDriver – Jumpstart your QA Career Coupon

Get 100% off for this wonderful course. Anyone can learn this course especially for software engineers who like to learn the tool called Selenium.

Course Description

Selenium is a free automation testing tool for web applications. It is able to work with different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and simulate human-like behavior. Selenium is able to interact with all the different elements in a web page. It can click on them, input text, extract text and much more. By covering all the different functionalities on your website with Selenium tests, you will be able to quickly catch new and reappearing old bugs. This will save your team time and money.

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. Work with ID, Name, CSSPath and XPath selectors
  2. Work with Input boxes, Check boxes, Radio buttons, Alert boxes and more

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